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No 5 - Authenticity - Mulberries & Peppermint

No 5 - Authenticity - Mulberries & Peppermint

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Fragrant Cloves are known to have antioxidant, antiseptic, anaesthetic and soothing properties. Echinacea is used worldwide to encourage the immune system to respond to infection. Liquorice root is an amazing herb and can help to lift mood, relieve pre-menstrual tension, soothe soreness in the throat, ease digestive problems and aid in the fight against viruses that cause coughs and colds. Cornflower tea has been taken by many to ease menstrual cramps, fever and congestion. It has also been used to relieve anxiety and contains biotin for healthier nails and smoother skin. Meadowsweet is thought to soothe and protect the oesophagus, throat and sinuses and reduce a fever. Majestic Mulberries contain alkaloids that activate the white blood cells to stimulate the immune system, and are beneficial to eye health. Brilliant Blueberries are revered for their antioxidant content, allowing the mind and body to heal from the stresses of daily life.

INGREDIENTS Mulberries, peppermint, freeze-dried blueberry, liquorice, meadowsweet, echinacea, cloves, blue cornflowers.
We only use ethically sourced ingredients. Blended and packed in the UK with love and care.

Liberates our truth and animates expression. The source of this power is Authenticity. 

One who speaks their truth for the good of all. 

“By connecting with the impulse to share authentically with the world.”