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No 4 - Affinity - Fennel & Jasmine

No 4 - Affinity - Fennel & Jasmine

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Refreshing Lemon Verbena is so high is antioxidants, it can help protect your body during exercise and can also strengthen the immune by reducing oxidative stress. Heart-healthy Apples have a huge wealth of benefits as well as their common use as a cold and flu deterrent. The fibre in them reduces cholesterol and the compounds prevent it from attaching to the arteries. Aphrodisiac Jasmine flowers are also incredibly good for the heart as well as being used as a calming tea to ease stress. Soothing Vanilla has been used traditionally to ease anxiety and studies have shown it also regulates blood pressure. Powerful Fennel seeds, also known to help to reduce blood pressure, aid in digestion and relieve water retention. Cool Peppermint is widely used to help you breathe more easily and is hugely popular to relieve stomach and intestinal discomfort.  All combined with the sweetness of Marshmallow that is not only delicious but is thought to reduce swelling in the respiratory system, treat coughs and reduce headaches.

INGREDIENTS Fennel, freeze-dried apple, jasmine blossom, lemon verbena, marshmallow leaves, spearmint, vanilla.
We only use ethically sourced ingredients. Blended and packed in the UK with love and care.

Strengthens our entire subtle energy system and causes a deep sense of Affinity. 

One who see the beauty in life and shares their joy with the world. 

“With love and care from the heart space.